The following goats are available through our courtesy listing program.

This is a place where individuals can list their own goats. We have not seen these goats in person, and do not necessarily know the owners.  New Moon Farm takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the description, the condition of the animals, or any aspect of the transaction. We are offering this free service simply to help connect those looking to place their pet goats with other pet owners.

Updated 1/30/17


  • Age: 2
  • Size: Medium
  • Gender: Doe
  • Breed: Boer
  • Rehoming fee: $100
  • Contact: Gracie at 425-449-0927

Pumpkin is a gorgeous, fluffy 2 year old boer doe. She’s the sweetest goat I honestly have met in my life besides Jake! She’s been a part of my herd for a few months, and she wasn’t a fit. She’s been sleeping outside and getting rained on, and beaten up by my other goats. She really needs someone who could give her love and a herd who’s also preferably gentle. I think she would be a great pet for someone who only wants one goat, too. She’s very independent. It hurts my heart very much to have to give her away but she can’t be here, I want her to be happy.



Bobby, Pixie, and Dixie

  • Ages: 10
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: 2 Does and 1 wether
  • Breed: Pygmy
  • Rehoming fee: $300
  • Contact: Rhonda at 360-273-0161

Bobby is a neutered male and he is so sweet. the two miniature female goats, Pixie and Dixie, are black and white and again so sweet. They were pets at my Adult Home Care business and used as petting goats. They are adorable. I have not had them seen by a vet in years due to money issues however I would be more than wiling to take them in for a complete check up and for a clean bill of health if you would be willing to help me. I no longer have my business and live in a trailer. I have no place to keep them and I don’t want them to go to someone that will hurt them or use them for food. They are pets and have been loved their whole lives.



  • Age: 2
  • Size: Medium
  • Gender: Wether
  • Breed: French Alpine
  • Rehoming fee: $50
  • Contact: Dianna at 503-504-8551

Drago is a 2 year old wether who needs goats his own size to play with a field to run in. Very tame and healthy. Call for more info.